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The fool - Martin Ekdahl PDF Print E-mail

Cover of Dåren

On 17 January 2002 a true Swedish original died, Errol Norstedt (better known as Eddie Meduza), and ended as a very crooked life path lined by great musical achievements and deep personal crises. A life to the brim full of music, women, alcohol and turbulent scandals.

Errol Norstedt passed away a full decade ago so it's certainly about time that the book about his life now comes out. And that moment has finally turned up. Here is the result of countless hours of Errol studies, e-book on Errol Norstedt, "The fool - A book about the world's most beautiful man".

Read the story of the young boy from Västergötland who went from being a bullied and beaten young man to become the king of raggar culture, to top the charts and the media's pet peeve.

This book is based on the principle of reader participation. Constructive suggestions on how the book could be changed or improved will be serious considered. Readers who help to make the ultimate book about 'the world's most beautiful man' even better will be named as co-author of this expansive work.

Take the opportunity to buy your copy now. See unique images and unreleased album covers. The first ten people who order the book will receive a signed copy of the forthcoming printed version of the book sent to their home.

This is the second revised edition.

Language: Swedish

Number of pages: 230


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Getingboet - Martin Ekdahl PDF Print E-mail

Cover of Getingboet

A newly graduated sport psychologist gets a new job working with the hockey team Ålkroken Hornets in the small town of Ålkroken. It is the job opportunity of a lifetime. But things turn out to be very different from what they seemed at first sight and the dream job evolves into a nightmare.

The short story Getingboet was originally published in the collection Debut i död by the publishing house Axplock.

Language: Swedish

Number of pages: 32


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Buy direct from Sotinge PDF Print E-mail

From now on Sotinge will house it's own webstore and it is possible to buy Riddles in the night direct from us. All you need to do is to register with us first. This is easily done in the menu to the left and then you can download the book and pay using PayPal, which is both simple and secure.

In time more titles and formats will be made available for purchase.

Last Updated on Thursday, 18 April 2013 19:15
Riddles in the night - Martin Ekdahl PDF Print E-mail

The royal clerk Peter Fågel arrives to Castle Mull one early morning, just as the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. He has been sent there by the queen to record the wedding of Lord Mull and Lady Iowana Skot in the great family chronicle. But things are not turning out as planned. Not only that the family members doesn't seem to stand each other and that the castle most of all resembles a wasps nest. Even worse, an abduction occurs, an innocent man is jailed, the book gets stolen and a murder tears the family apart. Who is behind all these accidents and is there a pattern connecting the mysteries? As Peter Fågel tries to solve the puzzle he starts to realize himself a part of it, and unwillingly he is being pulled deeper into a deadly poisonous stew.

Riddles in the night, the first ever publication from Sotinge, is released
as an e-book available for all platforms. This book is the first in the
Naagha series but can also be read individually as a single story.

Riddles in the night is a traditional detective mystery, set in a untraditional setting. The deep forests and small villages of the northern kingdom of Holmgård creates an exotic background to the puzzles.

Riddles in the night is the first book about the legendary land of Naagha. Together all the books will tell a complex story, a puzzle to with each book provides one piece.

Language: English
Number of pages: 83

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Free sample

You can read the first quarter of this book free of charge. This sample PDF requires Acrobat or other PDF-viewer to be read.

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Two more resellers PDF Print E-mail

The list of e-book stores selling Riddles in the dark continues to grow. Barnes & Noble is now selling the book and very soon Kobo is also added to the list.

Last Updated on Thursday, 18 April 2013 19:15
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