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A growing number of resellers PDF Skriv ut Skicka sidan
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It is a modest start, but it is a start. Our single first title, Riddles in the night, now is available in a large number of ebook formats from two separate resellers. So it is easy to find the format that suits you.

Smashwords now sell the book as .mobi for the kindle, LRF for the Sony reader, PDB for Palm and in epub-format for a number of devices.

Amazon sells the book in .mobi format for their kindle, available both as a download at the website, and directly in the kindle at the Kindle Store.

We are working to make the book available from even more channels and soon we will be able to present our next title.

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Riddles in the night PDF Skriv ut Skicka sidan
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Book cover for Riddles in the nightSotinge has published it's first book, Riddles in the night, also the first part in the Naagha series.

Riddles in the night is a detective story set in the rich fantasy world of Naagha following the royal clerk Peter Fågel. When Peter Fågel arrive at castle Mulvadd, he realize that something isn't as it is should be. A girl is kidnapped, a book stolen and then suddenly someone is murdered. Peter is thrown into the inquiry of the mysteries that grow around the family Mull, until he starts to realize that he himself is a part of it.

The book can be purchased for kindle at amazon.com.

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A shape-shift for Naagha PDF Skriv ut Skicka sidan
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We have now been running the very popular blog novel naagha.com for almost a year. We have won a great number of readers that has followed the stories during this time and we are wery greatful for this, but now we feel it's time for a new chapter in the history of Naagha. That is what this site is.

The tales told of Naagha so far will reemerge as  e-books. The first one is Riddles in the night. The books will be available at several different book stores around the web, and extra material will be available for free here at sotinge.com.

We hope that old readers as well as new ones will appreciate this new form for the Naagha novels and we bid you all wlcome to sotinge.com.

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