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Riddles in the night - Martin Ekdahl

The royal clerk Peter Fågel arrives to Castle Mull one early morning, just as the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. He has been sent there by the queen to record the wedding of Lord Mull and Lady Iowana Skot in the great family chronicle. But things are not turning out as planned. Not only that the family members doesn't seem to stand each other and that the castle most of all resembles a wasps nest. Even worse, an abduction occurs, an innocent man is jailed, the book gets stolen and a murder tears the family apart. Who is behind all these accidents and is there a pattern connecting the mysteries? As Peter Fågel tries to solve the puzzle he starts to realize himself a part of it, and unwillingly he is being pulled deeper into a deadly poisonous stew.

Riddles in the night, the first ever publication from Sotinge, is released
as an e-book available for all platforms. This book is the first in the
Naagha series but can also be read individually as a single story.

Riddles in the night is a traditional detective mystery, set in a untraditional setting. The deep forests and small villages of the northern kingdom of Holmgård creates an exotic background to the puzzles.

Riddles in the night is the first book about the legendary land of Naagha. Together all the books will tell a complex story, a puzzle to with each book provides one piece.

Language: English
Number of pages: 83

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