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The fool - Martin Ekdahl

Cover of Dåren

On 17 January 2002 a true Swedish original died, Errol Norstedt (better known as Eddie Meduza), and ended as a very crooked life path lined by great musical achievements and deep personal crises. A life to the brim full of music, women, alcohol and turbulent scandals.

Errol Norstedt passed away a full decade ago so it's certainly about time that the book about his life now comes out. And that moment has finally turned up. Here is the result of countless hours of Errol studies, e-book on Errol Norstedt, "The fool - A book about the world's most beautiful man".

Read the story of the young boy from Västergötland who went from being a bullied and beaten young man to become the king of raggar culture, to top the charts and the media's pet peeve.

This book is based on the principle of reader participation. Constructive suggestions on how the book could be changed or improved will be serious considered. Readers who help to make the ultimate book about 'the world's most beautiful man' even better will be named as co-author of this expansive work.

Take the opportunity to buy your copy now. See unique images and unreleased album covers. The first ten people who order the book will receive a signed copy of the forthcoming printed version of the book sent to their home.

This is the second revised edition.

Language: Swedish

Number of pages: 230


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