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About Sotinge
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Sotinge is an e-book publisher focising on the genres of fantasy, sci-fi, horror and alternative history that sell internationally through a number of online book stores.

Sotinge is not only a creative studio and a hub in the new era of online publishing, it is also the name of a place from where great ideas, visions and fantasies emanates out over the world, more precisely a small strip of the coast line of eastern Sweden. Legend tells that once upon the time a great and feared viking named Sote came to this ground and settled it. He gave it his name. It is also told that Sote buried a treasure somewhere before he died. No one knows if there is any truth behind this tale. But as the Norse mythology tells us: 'The true treasures in this world are not the ones made of gold or jewels, but of words'.

The publisher Sotinge is founded, owned and run by Martin and Marcus,

The aim for Sotinge is to publish fantasy, sci-fi, horror and alternative history of high quality by new writers.

If you are a writer who want to publish with us, please contact us via the contact form before sending any manuscripts. Include a short description of the work, author name, title, a short draft and the number of pages of the full work. We are interested in manuscripts from the genres mentioned earlier, but will gladly consider any genre if the writing is good enough.

If you are a e-book store that want to stock our published work use the contact form as well.

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